Apaleo - It's new; it's different

Not a legacy system: apaleo is a completely new platform, built from scratch using the latest technology. That’s what makes it so nimble when it comes to integrating with other new technologies and new opportunities.

Easy add-ons: apaleo works like a smartphone with a core system for the essentials and apps for the extras – this means you don’t miss out on additional features that are essential to your business. Through its Store you get immediate access to all the special functionality you need.

Why Apaleo?

  • apaleo is an Open platform: it’s fast; easy to set up; easy to use; and it connects to all your preferred devices, such as smartphones, tablets or PCs.
  • It focuses on delivering the core requirements: inventory, reservations, rates, accounting/invoicing. It doesn’t try to be everything to everybody – but if you need more functionality, you’ll find an app for that.
  • It’s totally mobile: easier for staff in day-to-day operations and for guests on their journey from booking to check-out.
  • It’s in the Cloud: you can access it from wherever you want and whenever you want. And no hassle with a server in your hotel.
  • It’s perfect for a single hotel – or a group.

The Pricing and Personalised support

We’ve kept pricing competitive, simple – with no hidden fees, and low set-up and system costs.

You only pay for what you need – you’re not paying for ‘nice-to-haves’ and ‘not neededs’.

And, of course, what’s most critical for the ongoing success of any system is that there is support. You can be reassured that hospitalityimpact‘s personalised support is second to none.

hospitalityimpact and apaleo – the perfect choice for independent hotels or groups across the UK.