Installation, training & support

We’ll help you set apaleo up and we’ll ensure your data is transferred seamlessly.
When you need support, be assured of the personal touch, not a call centre.


Installation is simple, straightforward, and with all the apps you need

The apaleo set-up is straightforward and we are here on hand to help – and that installation support comes as a standard part of the Plus platform package.

The Pro product is designed and priced for you to set it up yourself. But if you need a bit of extra assistance we’ll be happy to provide it at a small charge.

And, of course, we’ll make sure your staff are trained to make optimum use of the platform when it goes live.

But that’s not all – you’ll need to make sure you get the right apps for your business needs – and that’s an area where we’ll make sure you get the apps that are appropriate for you.


Training at installation, as an on-going service, on site or online and with a personal touch.

We’ll provide comprehensive training at the time of installation. And we can do that either on site or remotely. We’ll make sure you hit the ground running when apaleo comes online.

But our training doesn’t stop there – we’ve got an extensive programme of both face-to-face and live online training modules – ideal for new staff who you need to on-board quickly and ideal as reminder training for existing staff.

Modules range from an introduction to the system, in-house functions, charging and check-out to rate management, packages and accounts.

All delivered with a personal touch.


Support that is personalised, timely and second-to-none.

We recognise the importance of support – that’s why ours is personalised. When you contact us you contact someone you know – not a call centre.

We also recognise that support needs to be timely – that’s why we use Zendesk to measure our efforts and how we know that our response times are very low and our one-touch problem resolution high.

And when it comes to contracts we set out 3 levels of response times based on the urgency of the issue that needs attention so that you know what to expect.