Opera Health Check

Whether you’ve got a new installation or the system has been installed for a number of years, there are always a number of issues that arise or changes that need to be made to meet ever changing technology and market dynamics that bring with them new challenges. What worked in the past is no longer quite fit for purpose.

We can help. All we need is to understand your business requirements. Then our team which has long experience in hotel operations can review the current functions of your Opera system and your operational processes and come up with recommendations for Functions and Application Settings that will optimise the system for your specific needs.

In practice, we’ll help you to optimise the way the existing system is used, so that your staff can become more efficient and more professional and that means your guests will get even better customer service.

Getting your Opera system working to suit your needs is worthwhile. The benefits it brings in terms of staff and guest satisfaction is the real prize.

We’re happy to carry out this health check free of charge if you’ve already purchased one of our support or training programmes.

Alternatively, pay for the Health Check and we’ll deduct its cost from any support or training programme you purchase in the future.