hospitalityimpact has joined forces with stayntouch to bring you:

  • a mobile property management system that recognises technology – guest centric and staff centric
  • support that is personalised to the kind of degree rarely seen in the hospitality industry

Understanding your needs

The hospitalityimpact team brings a wealth of hands-on experience in the hotel industry over the last 30 years. We understand your operational and business needs as well as your system requirements.

We already supply and support property management and distribution systems to clients in the hotel and apartotel sectors from independent hotels to a wide range of brands including the likes of Best Loved, Pride of Britain and Best Western.

Mobile, flexible, intuitive

stayntouch brings a ground-breaking PMS:

  • empowers guests and staff;
  • looks and feels very different from legacy systems;
  • has all the functions needed to support your day-to-day operations;
  • with new functionality added systematically to future-proof the system.
  • that is already well established, serving over 90,000 rooms with a portfolio of world-class service hotels to limited service hotels.

stayntouch PMS – designed for the guest’s journey; designed for the hotel’s operations

Give Your Guests And Staff What They Want

The Guest Journey

From booking to check-out, the stayntouch mobile technology gives the guest control of their journey.

Choice of Service

But not all guests are the same. Now your guests have the option to check in via their mobile device, see a friendly face at the front desk or check-in at a self-service station.


Simple and intuitive. Staff and guest-facing. The days of long and expensive training are over! This PMS is built to allow your staff to hit the ground running in minutes.


Streamline hotel staff tasks and communications. Now your front of house and back of house can work faster and more efficiently.


Capitalise on additional revenue with easy in-software up-sells and upgrades. Now your hotel PMS is at the forefront of your bottom line.


No hardware installation necessary. Get rid of all the maintenance costs and IT headaches.


Available in the cloud, accessible on any device. Run your hotel from anywhere. Now your staff can work completely untethered.

See What a New Hotel PMS Can Do for Your Property